We support good health & wellbeing of our patients


We support good health & wellbeing of our patients


We support good health & wellbeing of our patients

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CEPD (Corporation of European Pharmaceutical Distributors N.V.) is an international company, which operates the 3rd largest leading pharmacy chain in the European Union with over 1500 pharmacies in Poland, Lithuania and Sweden.

CEPD's priority is the quality of life of the patients. Our core mission is to supply our patients with premium pharmacy services and offer them a comprehensive range of affordable products. We pride ourselves on an innovative, modern approach to retail pharmaceutical distribution, which includes multi-channel distribution platforms in a cutting-edge shopping environment.

CEPD news

Stig Tornell, new CEO of Lloyds Apotek

Stig Tornell was appointed as the new CEO of Lloyds Apotek on January 1st, 2022. Stig has worked until December 2021 for Lloyds Apotek as a Commercial Director. He has more than 10 years of experience and a proven track record coming from the retail pharmaceutical sector where he held various commercial roles including CEO..

Automation of the pharmacy in Vilnius

Gintarine Vaistine Pharmacy located in Santariskes in Vilnius is the first pharmacy in Lithuania with a robot assistant. It holds about 6,000 boxes of medicine.

DOZ gaining once again title "Great place to work"

On May 27th, 2021, DOZ S.A. for the fifth time in a row has been awarded with the title of Great Place to Work - the Best Place to Work. The awarded distinction proves the consistent building of a company enjoying the trust of Employees.

Karl Eckerdal as a CEO of Lloyds Apotek

On August 8th, 2017, Karl Eckerdal was appointed as Chairman of the Board of LloydsApotek, replacing Thomas Bornemann. Karl Eckerdal has been associated with LlodsApotek since 2010.

Eurapteka and UOKiK pending decision

In 2021, the Competition and Consumer Protection in Poland received an application submitted by DOZ S.A. to take control of Euro-Apteka Sp z o.o.

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