Our mission is to supply patients with the highest quality of pharmacy services and broad range of affordable products based on innovative approach to retail pharmaceutical distribution.


Corporation of European Pharmaceutical Distributors NV is a holding company registered in the Netherlands, acting through the local subsidiaries that manage operational activity in the field of pharmaceutical retail distribution in respective countries of the Central and Eastern Europe.


CEPD NV is currently operating in three countries: in Poland, Lithuania and Great Britain, having the leading position on the pharmaceutical market in Central in
Eastern Europe with regard to number of pharmacies under management.


A consistent expansion of the distribution network helps gain strong synergies achieved through economies of scale. CEPD N.V.’s intention is to maximise the benefits both on the revenue and cost side.


In the years to come, the company is going to focus its activities on three basic areas:

  • further development of business on markets, on which CEPD NV has been already operating,
  • international expansion into new European markets,
  • achievement of significant synergies resulting from the effect of scale.
  • Potential expansion direction
  • Current presence

  • In 2017 Drogerie natura have announced 20-th anniversary

    For over 20 years Drogerie Natura meets the expectations of customers and gives them a wide range of cosmetics and accessories.

  • Almost 1 mln loyal customers in Klub Natura – Natura’s loyalty program

    Since the beginning in July 2016 Natura’s loyalty program is constantly growing. Its popularity is evidenced by the number of people who willingly join it every day. Already almost 1,000,000 Customers trusted us and joined the Klub Natura.

  • Natural Cosmetics

    Since 2017 Natura drugstore has widen its Natural cosmetics offer, with in its portfolio the company have approximately 1 400 references in Natural cosmetics. Our consultants are still increasing their knowledge about that group of products to provide professional and extensive advice to our clients....

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